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Once you decided that you wanted a potting shed, you probably looked online and was amazed at the very high prices.  Trust me, I’ve been there before.   Garden potting sheds can cost more than $3,000 when they come pre-built. Compare this to one that you can build yourself for approximately $700, and you can see there you can save a lot of money. Now, before you get too far in your research, you’ll want to pick yourself up a good pair of potting shed plans. You’ll want to make sure to select a high-quality set of plans that can hold all of your gardening and potting materials.

Garden potting sheds are ideal for anyone who works in the garden a lot and wants a nice place to store their garden supplies. Most people fill their potting shed with potting soil and gardening tools. The walls of the shed need to be strong enough to hold your bags of soil and all of your pots. You’ll also want to have enough shelving room to hold your seedlings.

Garden Potting ShedGarden sheds are ideal for seedlings because it protects them from the outside elements. Many gardeners chose to start their plans in a safe environment before transferring the plants to their garden. If this is something you’re interested in, you’ll want to want to make sure that the garden plotting shed plans that you get have a number of windows. Or, you can always add windows to an existing garden shed plan.

One last thing you’ll want to consider for your garden shed is ventilation. Potting soils and fertilizers give off a lot of fumes. If these fumes are locked up in your shed and then you inhale them as you enter they could have harmful effects on your. By ensuring that your garden potting shed plans include the proper ventilation you won’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling these dangerous fumes.

I wish you good luck with your garden potting shed. They really aren’t too difficult to build and they look fantastic. Remember, don’t get a cheap set of potting shed plans or you’ll regret it.




A saltbox shed is easy to spot with its asymmetrical roof. Saltbox-styled homes were quite popular back in the Colonial days in America. They’re a very simple, yet aesthetically pleasing type of shed. When you see one you’ll immediately think back to the movies you’ve seen with saltbox homes.

Saltbox Shed PlansThe roof of a saltbox shed is clearly very different from a typical flat or pitched roof. The front of the roof is usually short and steep, and the back part is long and sloping. Because this roof design is a little trickier, you’re going to want to make sure you buy a really good set of saltbox shed plans. You don’t want to grab just any cheap saltbox shed plans that you find online. If you start off with plans that are garbage, you’re going to end up with a shed that looks like garbage.

Unfortunately, because of the unique shape of the saltbox shed, the knowledge of your friends and neighbors is unlikely to be helpful. That’s even more reason why you need yourself a great set of saltbox shed plans. However, the extra effort is worth it because you’re going to get a shed with some real character. I mean it. Saltbox sheds look absolutely fantastic. One of the sheds I’ve built is a saltbox shed, and I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites. Sometimes I wish I had an old colonial saltbox house.

I’m sure you’ve got the point, but I really can’t stress it enough. When you go to build your saltbox shed you MUST have an excellent pair of plans. Don’t try to download free saltbox shed plans online. You will be disappointed. You’ll be very frustrated when it doesn’t turn out how you want, plus you’ll have wasted a ton of money. With a great set of saltbox shed plans and a little sweat, you’re going to have an amazing looking shed. I’m excited for you.

Wishing you a great experience in building a shed!




When I think of a 10×12 shed, I usually think of a gable roof shed. The gable roof is the standard roof design that most people picture when they think about a shed. It is simple and slopes down on both sides. The two sides are symmetrical in shape.

Gable Shed Plans

The gable roof is a fairly boring design, but it makes a lot of sense to use in regions where snow is very common. The gable roof design also allows for the storage of tall items that would not normally fit in a flat-roof shed.

The first thing that you need to do before you can make your gable shed is find out the local rules and regulations regarding outdoor construction. Most localities will allow you construct a shed without needing building permits. You will also need to decide where exactly you will need the shed. Will you prefer it in the backyard or the garden? Does your backyard offer the space needed for the shed; if so then how much? These are all things you’ll need to consider when designing and building your gable roof shed.

Before you get too far though, you really need to get yourself a good set of shed plans. Trust me, if you try to use a set of free gable shed plans you found online you’re going to regret it. A premium set of plans will ensure a much smoother build and will save you have wasting money on a shed you’re not happy with.

I wish you success in building the shed of your dreams!
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