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storage shed kitsA storage shed can be the best way to organize your yard and garage stuff as well as a great way to store anything that may not fit in your attic or basement.  Larger storage sheds can even be used as hobby barns, cottages, or workshops.  However, it can be costly to have a storage shed built and many of the prefab storage sheds that one can buy just don’t cut it.  So what alternatives are there?  You could purchase a storage shed kit or storage shed designs and build the shed yourself, cutting down on the expense of labor.  Plus you will have the pleasure of making your friends and neighbors jealous of what you have done.  (They don’t even have to know it was a storage shed kit!)

Most do it yourself storage shed kits come pre-labeled with all of the parts except a few hand tools. Generally storage shed kits are fairly easy to assemble and do not require you to be an expert carpenter. In fact, most weekend handymen or novice carpenters can handle the assembly just fine over a weekend. However, if you happen to be working on a larger storage shed or one that has panels you will need the help of an additional person.

When choosing a good storage shed kit you must first decide what type of material you would like your storage shed to be made of.  Many people tend to choose a material similar to the style of their home. Storage shed kits include storage sheds which are made from three different types of materials which are metal, wood, and synthetic.  Metal sheds usually include steel or aluminum and are sometimes painted or vinyl coated.  Molded plastic and vinyl sheds fall into the synthetic material arena.

Be aware that nowadays many homeowners’ associations dictate what type of material can be used.  Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association before going putting together a storage shed kit as it could save you the trouble of fines or needing to make changes to the storage shed to fit the guidelines.

Storage shed kits are generally pretty easy to build, but as with all building projects you need to know your own ability level.  If you find that you have bitten off more than you can chew you can hire a local handyman or carpenter and still save over what you would have paid to have them build a shed from scratch.  To easily and quickly build the shed of your dreams click here! You quickly discover the mistakes that most people make in building a shed, and how you can avoid making these mistakes and save yourself time and money when building your dreams shed.  Click here now!

I wish you an fun and enjoyable shed building experience!

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Are you thinking of building a storage shed and are looking into storage shed designs or backyard shed plans?  Storage shed designs help you easily build a storage shed because they have plans, and information on how to build a storage shed.

From my personal experience a good storage shed design will include the following items:

1.  Lots of different designs
2.  The material needed
3.  Suggestions on where to get the material
4.  The type and size of lumber
5.  The finishing details
6.  Tools needed to build the shed
7.  The approximate cost to build the shed
8.  The approximate time it will take to build the shed.

Lets address each one of these and why they are important in a good storage shed designs.

storage shed designsFirst, you want to have different designs available because not every storage shed design will fit the type of storage shed you want to buy.  Some of the designs will not work for the type or the size of yard you have.

Two, you need to know the material you will need ahead of time for your storage shed design.  Why is this important?  Because if you are going to build a shed there might be specific material involved.  Are you going to have a concrete foundation?  If so, you need to know ahead of time what supplies you are going to have in your storage shed design.

Three,  The lumber should be pretty easy to find for your storage shed design.  But getting the supplies for the the concrete may be a little more difficult.

Four, You need to know the sizes and types of lumber for your storage shed design.  It is important to know these ahead of time because you need to know how to transport these items.  Large lumber is not easy to transport and may be unsafe or impossible in a car.

Five, the finishing details for your storage shed design.  Sometimes finishing the storage shed you are building may have tricky things you have to build.  A good storage shed designs will go into this information.  Is their electrical wiring you have to install, or what about windows?

Six,  Your storage shed design should go over and explain what tools are needed for your storage shed.  Will you have to rent, or buy tools that you don’t have?  A good storage shed design should have a list of tools you need before you have the job.

Seven, Of course a good storage shed design should tell you how much it will cost to build the shed. Granted, these prices won’t be exact because of price fluctuations and because different locations have different prices, but there should be a general range in your storage shed design.

Eight,  Does the storage shed design tell you the approximate time it will take to build your storage shed?  Of course this will vary on other factors including the type of shed, your own skill level, but there should be a rough estimate of how long it will take for you to build your shed.

In conclusion, building a storage shed can be a step-by-step process if you get the correct storage shed design.  If you are ready to build an awesome storage shed then click here! You’ll discover simple ways to avoid making common shed building mistakes and and to save yourself lots of money and avoid hours and hours of frustration.  Click here today!

I wish you the best of luck in building your shed!






Backyard Shed PlansOnce you have figured out that you want to build a backyard shed, the next step is to decide between different backyard shed plans.  It is important to figure out exactly what you need and what you want as this yard shed will be with you for several years.

The first thing you need to do when deciding upon backyard shed plans is to measure the area where you would like to have the yard shed.  Make sure that you take into account any room needed for building the yard shed itself, and good building plans for storage sheds can help you do this.

Next you need to decide what type of material you would like your yard shed to be made of.
This will determine what type of backyard shed plans you will look at.  If you are looking for something that can be painted to match your house then many people choose wood or metal backyard shed plans. However, if you are more interested in the longevity it may make sense for you to find a yard shed plan that works with resin, plastic, or vinyl.

After deciding upon the material you need to choose a style.  Do you prefer the traditional miniature barn look?  Or would you rather have something more decorative that looks like a small cottage?  No matter what you choose just be sure that it fits within the guidelines of any community or neighborhood associations as it is common for regulations to be placed upon the size, shape, material, and location of outbuildings.

The next part is deciding upon the size of backyard shed you would like.  This is where the measurements you took will come into place.  When deciding upon the size of your backyard shed you will want to take into account what you would like to use the shed for.  Are you going to use it to store small yard and garage tools?  Or do you plan on using it for a workshop of some sort?  Your plans for usage will also help you decide upon the material you use and will help you determine how well weather proofed you need the shed to be.

There will be plenty of backyard shed plans that come in every size, shape, material, and for every purpose you can imagine.

Finally, when looking at backyard shed plans be aware of your price range.  This goes not only for the purchase of the backyard shed plans themselves, but of the materials that will be required as well.  It may make sense to go the route of purchasing a shed kit which will come with not only the backyard shed plans but the materials needed.  The materials are generally labeled making for quick and easy assembly.

In summary, when choosing backyard shed plans you need to determine the size of the lot, the size of the shed, the purpose of the shed, the material to be used on the shed, and the price range you are willing to spend.  Once you have decided each of these items you will be able to narrow down your search to a set of good backyard plans that fits your needs and desires.  To instantly start building your dream backyard shed click here! You’ll avoid all the common mistakes most people make when building a shed, and discover how to save a ton of money too!  Click here now!

I wish you the best of luck in building your shed!



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