If you’re looking to build your own shed, you’re probably considering something in the range of a 10×12 shed. This size is perfect for most people, with a generous 120 square feet of storage space. Once you’ve decided on a size, though, your next move is to determine the type of roof you’d like. One of the most common roofs for a 10×12 shed is the Gambrel roof design. The reasons why you may want this roof style is for the extra room it provides inside your shed, or because it matches well with your landscaping or home. Before you get started though, make sure you purchase yourself a good set of gambrel roof shed plans. Don’t try to be cheap and use a $5 set of plans you found online. You’ll waste a lot more money in the end by going with a cheap set of gambrel shed plans.

Gambrel Shed PlansThe gambrel roof shed is often called a barn-style shed. Although it may appear to be a challenge to construct, it’s actually not that difficult. The key to having a good roof is making sure the rafters are built exactly the same, this can be accomplished by building your first set of rafters correctly and then using that set as a template for the rest of the shed, this will ensure you have a level roof. The alternative to rafters is to consider using roof trusses this will allow for the maximum amount of storage space and will increase the strength of your structure. The downside to trusses is they will require more lumber therefore increasing your cost and can be heavy to handle by yourself.

One of the things I think is coolest about a Gambrel shed is that fact that you can install large sliding doors, which can be very useful if you’re storing equipment such as a riding lawn mower. However, if you want to install sliding doors, make sure your gambrel roof shed plans include such a design. Have you ever heard the saying: “You get what you pay for”? Well, it couldn’t be truer with storage shed plans. If you try to use a set of free or $5 cheap storage shed plans, you’re going to be frustrated and you’re going to end up wasting a lot of money for a crappy shed. If you think you can just search the net and find a good set of plans or blueprints, think again. Your first investment in your gambrel shed should be a good set of plans.

Now, if you’re want to make sure your gambrel roof shed looks amazing, not only may you want to consider a sliding door (which is very functional), but you may want to look at installing some windows or even a skylight. Both of these will give it a very appealing, classy look that will impress your neighbors.

Wishing you great success in your shed building.

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