storage shed kitsA storage shed can be the best way to organize your yard and garage stuff as well as a great way to store anything that may not fit in your attic or basement.  Larger storage sheds can even be used as hobby barns, cottages, or workshops.  However, it can be costly to have a storage shed built and many of the prefab storage sheds that one can buy just don’t cut it.  So what alternatives are there?  You could purchase a storage shed kit or storage shed designs and build the shed yourself, cutting down on the expense of labor.  Plus you will have the pleasure of making your friends and neighbors jealous of what you have done.  (They don’t even have to know it was a storage shed kit!)

Most do it yourself storage shed kits come pre-labeled with all of the parts except a few hand tools. Generally storage shed kits are fairly easy to assemble and do not require you to be an expert carpenter. In fact, most weekend handymen or novice carpenters can handle the assembly just fine over a weekend. However, if you happen to be working on a larger storage shed or one that has panels you will need the help of an additional person.

When choosing a good storage shed kit you must first decide what type of material you would like your storage shed to be made of.  Many people tend to choose a material similar to the style of their home. Storage shed kits include storage sheds which are made from three different types of materials which are metal, wood, and synthetic.  Metal sheds usually include steel or aluminum and are sometimes painted or vinyl coated.  Molded plastic and vinyl sheds fall into the synthetic material arena.

Be aware that nowadays many homeowners’ associations dictate what type of material can be used.  Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association before going putting together a storage shed kit as it could save you the trouble of fines or needing to make changes to the storage shed to fit the guidelines.

Storage shed kits are generally pretty easy to build, but as with all building projects you need to know your own ability level.  If you find that you have bitten off more than you can chew you can hire a local handyman or carpenter and still save over what you would have paid to have them build a shed from scratch.  To easily and quickly build the shed of your dreams click here! You quickly discover the mistakes that most people make in building a shed, and how you can avoid making these mistakes and save yourself time and money when building your dreams shed.  Click here now!

I wish you an fun and enjoyable shed building experience!

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